I might start referring to non-technical people as muggles.

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    Or no-mage. Right?
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    That's racist.
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    How about "users"
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    @linuxer4fun cuz the non-technical boss is no "user", satan couldn't be called that !
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    That is their official designation.
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    Or lusers.

    Source: http://catb.org/jargon/html/...

    Interestingly, the see also section of the page mentions muggles.
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    Microsoft is Voldemort
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    I refer to programmers that write poor code, monkeys... does that make them worse than muggles?
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    How about "muttles"? Non technology type.
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    @progHammer my favorite is buggles too
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    @linuxer4fun users is a term for anyone who uses an application website etc. It has no difference between someone who knows what f5 does and someone who don't.

    So a different word for people who are lazy and dont want to google:"how to *" would be nice.

    Muggle is a good start since they see repairing the internet(on/off router) as magic.
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    @rayanon I like the alternate explanation of l(ocal) users
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