Hey guys, i joined a new company a week ago. In the offer letter they mentioned the working hours from 9:30pm to 6:30pm but today an HR told me to be online till 7:30pm. I refused. Guys i really cant sit for so long in front of the computer. 9:30 to 6:30 is a good time, but i cant sit for more than that. Also after 6:30 i meet my friends everyday. I dont know what to say to them the next time they ask me to sit for so long. If they want employees to sit for so long then why dont they mention it on offer letter?

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    They're not mentioning this in the offer because people would decline more often, especially if they expect you to be sitting 10 hours everyday.
    Depending on which type of offer you got, you should just tell them to stick to their own words. In any case, I'd be looking somewhere else to find a plan b.
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    The old bait and switch.
    Tell them the extra hour is not contractual and will be expected to paid overtime.

    They'll back down.
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    Read your contract. Tell them to fuck off. Regardless of what your contract says, that's too damn long.
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    Say - "no problem. But, as long as we are talking, can you give me the number for the dept of labor? I need to talk to them about something"
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    @null0v0id yes i am already searching...the pay is good, i really wished the company culture would have been good :'( , it sucks to remove the experience from linked in haha
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    @C0D4 yes i will tell them that :)
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    @atheist in the offer letter its just written 'standard work hours is from 9:30pm to 6:30pm'
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    Did you see your contract before you started there?
    Whatever that says is what you signed up to.

    I would start looking for a new job right now if a company tried to pull that on me. Leave asap
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