I've sadly been using an iPhone for the past few weeks πŸ˜”

I'm a hard core android fan but,well if I'm honest with you I got super high and got amnesia woke up with a dead screen on my android phone so got myself an iPhone since I needed to test an app I'm building , comes to think of it that women twice my age I kissed to piss her off might of broken it .. so my friends say ...

Anyway the point being iphones ... not that bad I'm aware people praise their software but it's to rigid for my liking there's features android has I believe that makes it superior

Cameras are better ... build quality is solid. Can't complain really. My android was a one plus 3 great phone also

I might get the s8 I'm waiting to see if they hold up or the new one plus phone if I find the specs ...

The point is as devs we get so stuck in our ways I consider us generally the most open Minded people but not when it comes to tech we are generally hard core fan boys of one company or another

But in truth, there's a lot of great products out there worth our money even if they are apple ... money grabbing bitches.

I say this because my hate for apple whilst it's still there I can at least respect them a little for certain things especially their phones

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    I'm out of breath
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    @wesaka for what reason πŸ˜‰
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    @FitzSuperUser Commas. I use to read things out loud when alone 😁
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    @wesaka true I could of been better with my punctuation problem is I read in my head and breath as I read so I don't notice it 😧

    You could of said something funnier there 😏
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    @FitzSuperUser Sorry man, I'm not the kind of guy who does that in the first date
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    @wesaka That's all I do on the first date 😏
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    @FitzSuperUser Oh well, I'm not sure if we can continue on seeing each other...
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    @wesaka *throws out club* I only wanted a dance 😏
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    I knew this was you from the first sentence
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    @liammartens I'm very recogniseable πŸ˜‰
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    +1 for the "possible jail time " tag
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    @DeveloperACE nearly happened 😳
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    What? How? What happened
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    @DeveloperACE I got super high, went to a night club, I don't remember any of it!

    According to my friends I went crazy and these 40 odds were being bitches so I to piss them off I kissed one

    Not a fit one... and then the bouncer cane round saw I was high and kicked me out right in front of the police where my mates saved me πŸ˜‰ from getting arrested
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    Until you search for the file Explorer...
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    @Dollique what happens then?
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    If I'm not mistaken there is no stock file Explorer on iPhone and the ones I found on the store are full of ads.
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    @Dollique Oo damn I couldn't work with that :/
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    I could never use iPhones merely for the fact that they are EXTREMELY limited in what they let you do, emulators, file explorers, apks, launchers, split screen, BACK BUTTON, automation apps, and the list goes on of things I would miss when using an iPhone. Actually, besides texting and YouTube, all of the things I use my phone for Apple blocks in some stupid way. THIS is why I hate apple

    How would a developer not get annoyed with iPhones limited customization?
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