We had a priority 1 incident (= the complete basis of our business is at risk, nobody can work anymore). The reason: at least 50 fax machines didn't work anymore ...

You're laughing? Well, in the department next to us, they still use dot matrix printers.

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    @g-m-f Fortunately not. We switched to tape cartriges a few years ago.
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    We had a fax modem thing 20 years ago, we could fax any shit from any app on any mac and receive any fax in email. Fucking hell the backwards bastards. Did i say bastards, i forgot the adjective. Useless bastards.
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    My school uses dotatrix printers till now (had to visit coz my sister still studies there)
    My college uses dot matrix.
    My bank uses dot-matrix
    They are everywhere.
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    @g-m-f And, before you ask: After a little incident involving a vacuum cleaner and our customer database 7 years ago, we switched from magnetic-core memory to cutting edge SIPP.
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    @Framstag No, just kidding. But the fax incident was real. Unfortunately.
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    @flag0 It's a disaster in an open-plan office, because that annoying sound drills through your brain, and you can't focus your thoughts on the problem.
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    Hey, for some things, dot matrix printers are great. Especially when the guy that wrote the driver is down the hall. 😉
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    @OfficerHalf We're sitting next to the mailroom. In an open-plan office.

    We use the official drivers, so the guy who wrote them, must be sitting on the other side of the ocean.

    Side effect of those printers: the guys that work in that department are deaf like a stone because of the noise. That's why they're talking REALLY loud.
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