Hey, we'll use React. What? Yes, it's FOSS:
F — Facebook
O — Open
S — Source
S — Sucks

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    Asking genuinely. I'm more of an Angular guy, I'm just wondering why React sucks when everyone around me is praising it.
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    @netikras react is very good. I just can’t get over the fact that initially facebook tried to control the industry with the “if you use react, you can’t sue facebook” license. They eventually changed it to MIT under public pressure
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    I wonder who will keep maintaining it once the collapse comes :^)))
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    @msdsk If you cut out the junk that's there to be backwards compatible with classes, React is a very small library. Some weird corporatisms can also be dropped, like Suspense which was designed with the expectation that fetching is done through elaborate libraries that make special effort to support Suspense.
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