We recently hired a new developer, fresh from uni. Very little real experience as I can see.
Unfortunately I weren't available for the interviews, so they chose a dev without me.

All his code is messy, over complicated and uses symfony framework for _everything_
He can't do shit outside of it.

He was tasked to find and replace some links in a few hundred excel documents, he spent ages trying to parse the xlsx documents and the replace the links and write to the document. Spent all day on it, with no results. Even though I often asked him how he was getting on, he said all was fine.

End of day, I get a tad furious, whip out my terminal and do the whole task in 10 minutes with basic bash

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    ...bare with him. Next time, just get him to sit next to you while you bash. If he has the potential to be any good he'll stop the symphony.

    Being and staying a programmer is 60% your attitude to new problems.
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    You were fresh out of university once and you had messy code too. Never forget that.
    He probably wanted to prove that he could do it by himself and failed to do it.
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    @JavaSlave I never went to uni, and I never took on tasks without either asking guidance from senior devs or something I couldn't do
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    @kunashe I sent him the bash code with explanatory comments. Giving him another task tomorrow and with a requirement to not use any framework.

    I'm worried that he's a yes man
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