What was wrong with restart that devops started calling it bounce?
What does bounce add that restart didn't, other than sounding cool?

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    - restart
    - reset
    - bounce
    - kick
    - recycle
    - powercycle

    from the top of my head
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    @netikras atleast reset sounds similar in meaning to restart.
    Bounce? Idk why but I initially thought it was like dropping or deleting an instance.
    Thank goodness I haven't seen kick or the others.
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    Maybe it's not technically restarting and they don't want to imply that it is.
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    After intense bouncing, throw them for a loop and say: "I have to bounce".
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    @spongessuck well it's not clear what bouncing does then. The activity seems like restart but if it isn't that it is a cause for concern. If it is just cleaning up or dropping temp and other data, reset makes more sense, imo.
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    My favorite is "flapping" as in when network engineers talk about ports flapping going off and back on as if they would fly away lol
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    @arcadesdude never heard that before either.
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    @arcadesdude Took me good 3 years to get used to that :D My team's cubicles were right next to NetOps team's, so we could hear them flapping all day long, every day :)

    FTR: I always found "flapping" funny because if you drop a single 'l' you are "fapping" :)
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    I have absolutely no idea what bounce means in this context.

    @netikras Neither kick.

    Recycle: I'd think of something different closer to uhm.. recycling? Aka dismantle and reuse the materials? Which could be.. I don't know.

    Reset does have a different meaning from restart though, at least in the context of VMs: While restart means having the guest OS do a restart, reset means stopping the VM hard (without a proper shutdown) and then starting it again. Hell, there even used to be a physical reset button on computers!
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    - recycling - well, you kind of are recycling. You are destroying the currently running process and reusing its resources for a new process of that same service.

    - reset -- also fits, because you can terminate the service abruptly and start it up again

    The American "bounce" and "kick" were so odd to me at first.. then I got used to them too.

    BTW: the most fun part was not learning all those synonyms, but actually dealing with situations when you're on an MIH call and the MIM asks me "can you reset this service? Do not restart it, just bounce"

    And I am pretending to be a professional Ops and not asking stupid questions.. Just sitting there and blinking, trying to digest WTF just came out of my headset and hit my eardrums.
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    @netikras Yeah uhm I totally know what MIH and MIM knows and I'll go to rebounce the service.
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    @saucyatom MajorIncidentHadling and MajorIncidentManager.

    ITIL stuff
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    @netikras oh god, that is full of jargon and random (to me) acronyms. My condolences?
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