been a couple of years since I was last active here.

Source Engine still has its claws on me today - but Nii broke free and properly got into other engines and made some cool projects! We both study different stuff now.

I tried to get into Unity a couple of times now, even made a small VR grappling hook prototype once (def not nauseating). But it's hell. It's kinda sad that modern engines don't understand the needs of level designers as well as Source's Hammer. Even though Source is outdated af.

Thing is, I am more and more starting to doubt that this is what I wanna do in life. Game industry sucks. Ad industry sucks even more. I might just become a tree and produce oxygen.

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    How do you become good at Source engine modding ? I want to learn how to implement custom features such as time portals as done in Portal Reloaded or the tag gun from Aperture tag
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    You’re implying there’s an industry that doesn’t suck… sorry to disappoint you, but they all do, to a varying degree and for diverse reasons.
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