After (allegedly) coronavirus infection I'm still constantly tired and unmotivated to even eat a week after all symptoms disappeared.

Yay me 😒

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    There are reports of ME/CFS after an covid infection.
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    Yeah, it seems most coronaviruses do cause long term damage, in some cases permanent especially to the lungs.There are reported abnormalities of past patient with the avian flu even after 2 years.

    It seems the fastest recovery time is the first 6 months, so all your symptoms might disappear in that period. Whatever stays after half a year is likely to be permanent, but that usually involves damages that you don't really *feel* anymore. They are just there and higher your risk of complications in the future I guess? Not entirely sure on that one.

    point is, one week after infection is nothing, whatever symptoms you feel may last anywhere from days to half a year xD. Hopefully the tiredness is just your body still being exhausted by secondary issues and taking vitamins, sleeping properly and eating properly is going to get you better soon :)
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    My wifes hair is falling out. Apparently that is a covid thing too. We had to get her a wig. We had covid back in the fall. It took that long to start coming out. Also thyroid is also an issue too.
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    I had the same shit but after vaccine 2nd dose. Horrible. I had side effects for a week.
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    @stop I dunno what those letters mean
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    It took at least 2 weeks for me to returning to liking Food
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    @iiii chronic fatigue syndrom. People that are affected by it have no energy for (worst case) even standing up from the bed.
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    COVID is messing with the one thing none would want it to mess with: the immune system.

    Hence it's different for everyone, some have only mild issues, others have a range of issues where usually one would assume they're completely insane.

    I really don't want COVID. One auto immune disease was enough for more than one lifetime.
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    @IntrusionCM Luc Montagnier who got a nobel prize for identifying HIV, found the spike protein has HIV in it. The mRNA vaccines are designed to make the body produce the spike protein to simulate an infection. This is causing something called VAIDS.

    He is in the news because he just died.
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    @Demolishun That's been one of the many claims that were absolutely wrong...

    Vaccine acquired immunodeficiency syndrome - or VAIDS - doesn't exist.

    I'm really tired of the FUD some people invented for reasons I don't want to comprehend.

    I'm not happy with the flow of information at all, since the FUD comes from both sides - the government and the (in my opinion) lunatics.

    I'm especially tired of the misinformation around MRNA vaccines. For many diseases, for which currently no cure exists and people die in an excruciating and painfully slow process over years, MRNA research could be a solution.

    I'm not saying one should not doubt the pharma industry or the really fast rate of Innovation humanity has - but please, despite all the shit humanity is - keep it on a level where it's a doubt, not a form of psychosis.
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    @Demolishun that's a pretty ridiculous claim and an obvious fake
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    You have to really search for this stuff:




    I found some others, but now I cannot figure out the keywords. The last link has a footnote about hiv.
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    @Demolishun the cdc link was mentioning insufficient data from people which have an already compromised immunity against infections.
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    @Demolishun the second is about false positives that occured because they used an molecule that is also found in HIV.
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    @Demolishun and the first is about the spikeprotein of the wild variant. They noticed an similarity with an protein of HIV.
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    @rEaL-jAsE oh, I see
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