Bring the fun and curiosity back.

School education? Mostly rinse and repeat, learn from heart and do as you are told.

First job? Take these bread crumbs, shit out gold ingots, please.

There are few who had either very kind and gifted teachers / persons in their life or had a strong will / desire to learn by / for themselves - but it's hard to combine fun and curiosity with the - most of the time - very harsh reality and environment we live in.

I'd really wish that it would get back to fun and curiosity and not the endless myriad of bitching, hissing and fighting it usually is.

What I find most tiresome in education is the overflow of information with no value - most content is outdated, wrong, harmful, not precise and especially not helpful.

Thinking about good education I've got very fond memories of hanging out in IRC chats, talking with people who were "ancient" (la me 15-20, them 40 plus ;) ) and not being "shood" away, but rather getting fed by book recommendations, hints, appointments when they had more spare time to explain in private IRC sessions etc.

The atmosphere was always a "we might not have time for it, but we'll try and don't worry if you don't understand it".

When I'm trying to find information today... It's really 90 - 95 % filtering, 4 % try and error, 1 % finding what I need.

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    That's what happens when normies learn to use the internet (what was once obscure), everyone stops having time for what would be today called a "stupid question" because they get so many
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    Irc is still alive and well especially if you're looking at programming subjects
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    @crappycode Yes.

    But I'm sadly less into programming now and more into ...


    I don't know. Jack of all trades. IRC was great when I had the calmness and time for it - but most of my topics won't be covered by IRC ( I think ? ).

    Plus my contract forbids me from sharing the necessary details - another thing that's really disturbing. The higher the pay, the more a contract reads like a fictional contract with a lawyer straight from hell.

    Just to give a rough idea...

    My first contract had a top of max. 10 paragraphs regarding "restrictions" and "limitations" - be it data protection, non competition clauses, non disclosure agreements.

    My last contract... Roughly 10 - 12 pages.

    Yes. P A G E S. DIN A4… Font size 11.

    I had every contract checked before with a lawyer... It's ridiculous.

    Don't know if it has to do with management or paranoia of HR, but it's one of the things I heavily dislike, too.

    Having a lawyer explaining you all kinds of limbos, possible penalties, etc is rather unsettling.
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