Is there a scientific term for *that* window of time where you feel totally unproductive before or after a call/standup? How long is it for you?

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    Between three and forty minutes. Usually closer forty.

    And um, “meeting recovery”? idk.
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    Meeting recovery syndrome is apparently a thing

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    … also, tags. This has absolutely nothing to do with the weekly group rant.
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    Interesting that meeting recovery syndrome is a thing. I was thinking of calling it Focus Recovery because it isn't just from meeting but time until focus is regained from distractions.
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    Since the pandemic hit and we're having digital meetings I don't have this problem! I pretty much mentally start switching to dev mode during the end of the meeting and then I'm back in the zone after it's over.

    The killer for me is Dead Zones: when you have 10 minutes between two meetings. Too long to just waste on a coffee break, too short to do significant work before having to stop.
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