Why do my brain just stops working on technical interviews? I say the most random crap as an answer even though I know the fucking right one. Well this way I'm not getting a job anytime soon.

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    Mate I know what's going on used to happen to me, basically it's a sort of panic response ,

    What do you do? Take a deep breath and answer slowly... I know it sounds crazy or some bullshit people say but it's something that does work.

    Seriously this especially happened to me with phone calls!

    I used to get a call and straight away pick up panic say hello sound flustered etc ... my boss went you need to relax ... take a deep breath you don't need to pick up right that second! You have time... same with you're answers if you take a deep breath it slows you down enough to think out you're answer
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    @FitzSuperUser I've been trying but it's still a bit frustrating not getting jobs for wrong answers on stuff that I know.
    It happens way too often and I mentally facepalmed myself, like "Why the hell did I said that?" so many times during those interviews.
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