Ionic 2 / Xamarin / React Native / PhobeGap (Cordova) and why?

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    Xamarin, cause visual studio, .net and c#
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    With the existence of ReactNative, Nativescript, and Weex, I don't think there's any reason to use hybrid solution like PhoneGap anymore. I don't know about Xamarin and ionic.
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    Ordered conclusions:
    Old hybrid frameworks:
    Phonegap (Cordova) - based on javascript
    Ionic 2 - based on Cordova but fits to AngularJS2

    New native app frameworks:
    Xamarin: Microsoft solution, C# .NET, actually hybrid but many native APIs connect to it (if I understood correctly)
    ReactNative: Facebook solution, based on ReactJS, a bit steep learning curve
    Nativescript: Works with Angular2 and is a native api
    Weez: Alibaba solution, also native but too Chinese for me

    Guess I'd go with NativeScript cause I liked Angular2, @kudamalam thanks for the advice!
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    why.js, hmm the name sounds cool. Ionic is my favorite but I am planning to work on React Native in coming month.
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    What about Titanium ?
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    @Kodoyosa I saw they require $999 annually just to watch some sdk tutorial videos, they sound like a fat whale thirsty for money
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    Weex has a lot of typos on their site. Anyone knows why?
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    @YousifMansour bad English education in China probably?
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