Lead dev runs the program I gave him to set up a bunch of processes that run for one database.

It has a GUI that seems native to his windows environment......but it sort of is not.

The program runs, asks for the .csv file that is to be parsed into the database.

Lead dev: Ok, what is this though?
Me (his boss) "Don't worry about it"

Him: "Holy shit what the fuck is this??? TELL ME!!!"




CMS Admin (another one of my employees) "Would you TWO SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!?"

New Guy (mainly a frontend dev): ........

Meanwhile, in production, no one knows if your gui app is built in Lazarus and Free Pascal, as long as it works.

I really need to stop doing this to the lead dev, dude already keeps trying to choke me for writing things in perl.

On another note, Object Pascal is pretty cool. Might write a book on it for those that want to do CLI based applications on it, I have no clue why every book on the subject costs in euros, but there should be more shit written for beginners, language is awesome and one can get lots of mileage from Lazarus and FPC

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    Why don't you tell him?
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    @stop I eventually do. Dude is a php only developer, so I like to keep fucking with him
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    Fuck. You are such a pervert.
    Writing in Pascal.
    Why don't u write in COBOL? Or better Fortran.

    Have mercy upon future devs to maintain your shit.
    Learn and use any modern language with fucking modern maintainable ecosystem.
    Use languages appropriate to the programming field you are in
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    Like... Give a thought how the hell they are going to find a person to maintain your ancient mammoth if nobody uses it
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    Pascal is just old - but you really should stop using Perl!
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    "On another note, Object Pascal is pretty cool"

    Delphi for UI development is still waaaaay ahead of C#/WPF.

    Fight me.

    I know I'll lose, but I'll still fight. :)
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    @PaperTrail you will not lose, I'll be right there with you mah brotha
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    @darkwind you placed way too much energy on this man
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    @Oktokolo I love Perl, well, at least MY perl, but I guess most perl devs would say something similar
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    @PaperTrail man, reminds me of a programm I quite like that sadly only runs ond windows, and by now also on mac.
    I haven't found a tool that could compete, however, the hopes that they release to Linux are quite slim, partly because it's written in Delphi...
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    @Jedidja Free Pascal and Lazarus might be a good way to port over the application, but it is hard to go against the plethora of libraries and extensions that Delphi surprisingly has. I worked with Delphi extensively at a previous job, first introduction to it, I absolutely loved it. The entire suite of tools that the company was using were a bunch of highly sophisticated desktop applications, the codebase however was very procedural and not in a proper way, I scolded the lead engineer multiple times on his bad practices, he was very eager to listen and adapt and we moved a bunch of heavy duty modules into better practices. I loved it, modern Object Pascal is fucking good man, it asks shit from other languages. Free Pascal is good, it is what I used to build the before mentioned application with Lazarus, when I finally showed my lead dev the app he said "oh shit this is easy"

    That is Object Pascal for you, hard to not understand the code!
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