Fuck Russian government. I have nothing else to say.

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    His shit is hitting me really close to home. If you know what I mean.
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    I challenge Putin to a superfight to broadcast ppv on fight pass. @putin
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    @Oktokolo depends. Some regions outside Donbass are being invaded and/or bombarded
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    Kharkiv, Sumy, Kyiv are under an invasion attempt. Most airports and some military and infrastructure objects were destroyed with rockets/artillery.
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    Strike points
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    "Should be fine" is also relative.

    The global community should be focusing on recovery from the pandemic, on the effects of industrial pollution, on affordable sustainable energy, on a whole range of issues.

    Even if you live in a "safe country", conflicts like these are a big distraction, a major disruption, or sometimes even a pivotal point into long-term recession.

    Many of the world's problems require at least some form of global policy alignment, predictable trade agreements, and also global scientific cooperation.

    And even more directly:

    Ukraine will start generating refugees. I welcome them with open arms, but it will certainly affect all of Europe.

    Between 5%-15% of the EU economy consists of importing oil/gas/ores from Russia, and exporting manufactured goods back. Cutting that tie certainly affects all of Europe.

    Wars have consequences reaching far beyond the borders of the war zone.
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    Invasion zones so far

    Upd: Russian forces are trying to take Chernobyl of all things.
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    @iiii that's fucking terrifying. They'll probably use it to create a dirty bomb to hold the whole region hostage.

    Like a limp dick terrorist group.
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    @sariel I don't think that it is suitable as a stable material for a weapon. Corium is pretty useless overall and highly radioactive.

    Though I am not knowledgeable enough about that.
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    @iiii not saying they will remove the elephants foot, but they may certainly attempt to blow up the containment of it and possibly create a new ecological disaster "the likes no one has ever seen before".
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    The whole Ukraine is being invaded. Not only one or two regions.
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    @Oktokolo I'm looking hard for the sarcasm tag but I'm not seeing it.
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    @Frederick I had hoped that was the case, but deep down I knew Putin and the Kremlin had already lied too much for it to be over already.
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    I think Ukraine is deep state controlled. I feel like Putin is cleaning up someone else's mess (Biden's mess, and DS mess). I don't agree with the media with their made up shit. It is a whos who of the people who were getting payoffs by the Ukranian government. I just hope this doesn't turn into a world war that drags everyone in.
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    @iiii well, looks like we're getting a chance to test my theory, unfortunately.

    They could also be using it as a base of operations since they believe nobody in their right mind would bomb the location.

    I don't think they've calculated what Ukrainians are willing to do to force them out. I'm almost positive they'll bomb the shit out of them.

    If they do it soon, they can reduce the impacts of radiological contamination with smaller yields due to the limited number of soldiers and contaminate the local area to make it inhospitable for a military advantage.
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    There is no deep state.

    "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity"


    All flaws of democratic countries can be attributed to competency issues, to bloated legislation, to a dose of shortsighted egocentrism and greed here and there.

    There doesn't need to be a larger interwoven complot.

    And to be blunt: Putin is simply a trapped animal, biting out of necessity.

    The Russian economy hasn't been strong. They have oil and gas, stuff the world wants less and less of, at least not at the price Putin asks.

    They don't have very strong trade routes... so what do you do? Block Arab LNG from reaching Turkey/Europe through Syria, grab Erdogan by the balls regarding the Montreux Convention and let him dig the Istanbul Canal, acquire warm-water harbors for military & economic purposes.

    Putin has been grasping at straws for a long time, and is acting out of desperation.
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    fuck you putin. i just can't believe this happen on this time of humanity. why, why you fuking bitch putin
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    @yehaaw best wishes man, hope everyone is safe and we make out of this mess safe too
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    @Demolishun remind me again who withheld security assistance from Ukraine?

    Also, who attempted to strongarm the Ukrainian president to investigate political adversaries?

    While we're at it, who stopped the surveillance program that allowed Russia to amass this large military buildup around an independent foreign country?

    Oh yeah, that was totally Joe Biden! /s
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    Yep, that really took me by surprise. didn't expect him to actually do a full-blown invasion.

    Definitely makes sense to destroy air and anti air infrastructure and at least pretending to attack Kiew even for just annecting the Donbas region.

    But it really looks like he actually wants to annect the whole country now. The western regions aren't like Crimea. They aren't pro-Russia there. That could become another Afghanistan even without the great imperium intervening.

    I wonder whether China uses the distraction to take Taiwan...
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    @Oktokolo Somebody blurbed on twitter, before twitter suspended the account, that Russia was targetting US funded BSLs in Ukraine. Seems like a preempt to prevent biological warfare usage.
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    Crimea and Donbas were never pro-russian.

    Anyways, fun times.
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    Russians are just Caucasians like the rest of

    Europe. There isn't even a theoretical way to have a biological weapon target Russian bear riders, but not French wine and cheese experts. So that biological weapons conspiracy theory really fails the laugh test.
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    Thanks Russia. The last decade hasn't been shitty enough.
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    @Oktokolo As someone who worked in a BSL3 lab, has done extensive research on influenza and corona viruses (before corona was cool, during the MERS-scare), and has been to various BSL labs all over Europe:

    The current state of science doesn't allow us to design biological weapons which have *any* kind of ethnic selectivity. It's not like lymphocytes for example have exploitable weaknesses which depend on your location or skin color -- The genetic differences between ethnic groups are quite minuscule.

    There's also what my coworkers jokingly called "the prime directive", after the rule in Star Trek that you are allowed to observe, but not alter.

    There have been rumors that China hasn't always stuck to that rule -- But their experiments were still focused on "let's randomly change a few genes in H2N3 to see if viral expression decreases".

    Even if you could find a virologist willing to aid in genocide -- I'm 100% confident humans do not have the tools yet.
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    Btw -- even for conspiracies around Corona, Hanlon's Razor applies:

    It's possible that for example the "lab escape theory" is true. Not as part of some large evil plan, but because of incompetence. Someone didn't change a HEPA filter, seals on a door were old and compromised because of cost-cutting, etc.

    It's highly unsatisfying to accept that humans aren't all that intelligent.

    The US has been a blundering country. The most carefully designed CIA operations throughout history pretty much always derailed into random chaos.

    Putin is also just a blundering, desperate fool. Throwing rockets at walls to see what sticks.

    Of course there's intent and strategy, but the reality is that humans are too fucking stupid to orchestrate "big new world order" plans.

    The fact that all evil in the world is caused by semi-random aggressive tantrums and arm-flailing instead of intricate surgical plots designed by evil masterminds might make things even scarier though.
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    Current situation
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    We're holding
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    BTW if you compare Ukraine's soil quality to Russia, it's no wonder Putin is getting so riled up over the idea of a Neo-Soviet dictatorship.

    Ukraine is more fertile than a bitch in heat, and Putin is being the abusive ex-husband who can't get over the fact that she left him and is seeing other people.
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