I was sad this morning, because my thesis supervisor being an asshole that I seriously considering to just drop out..
Then I checked my bank statement and salary of 2 months has been deposited today.

Who needs that fucking degree when I earn more than you?
Who's the joke now?! 🤜🤡🤡

I am going to give them a middle finger tomorrow.😉

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    Yeah finishing a degree can be challenging when no-one seems to care if you finished or not when you are a developer.

    I did do my thesis but I have roughly a semesters worth of course exams I never passed
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    My first attempt failed.

    Redo with the same department, hoping that they're gonna help me more since this is my last attempt.

    Nope. 😒
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    Finish it! You've come too far to throw the efforts out of the window! Get the degree done!
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    There are certain people/environment that even though you have exerted your best effort, they still won't appreciate it.

    This is that kind of situation.

    My experience taught me that the best thing to do in this situation is just to move on to better place where I will be more appreciated.

    I guess I was just unlucky when choosing this professor as my thesis supervisor
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    @cho-uc even then, he is just an evil boss in this round of game. Beat him at his own game. Either he will slip and you can sue him, or he will have to give in and give you your marks. Get your money and time's worth!
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