Setting up and trying Ubuntu Mate on my raspberry Pi for the first time :-)

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    I tried on my raspberry 1 but it was to slow. What is your rpi version ?
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    Can you let us know whether there was a specific reason for Ubuntu Mate over Raspbian? And what you're using the pi for?
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    @iLikeToast I used my raspberry Pi for some private projects some time ago (Apache Server, MySQL and so on and some personal Telegram Bots). Since I have a vServer I didn't used it anymore.
    But now I want to use the raspberry as a small desktop Mini PC.
    I Just want to Code on it and push it directly to my own git Server in my vServer.

    So I decided to start from a fresh SD Card. I wanted to try something new, for that reason I installed Ubuntu Mate.

    But I can say - it's Not that cool in the raspberry Pi. Had some troubles to get things working on it, it was really slow (rpi Version 2).
    So now I switched Back to Raspbian, but to the new Jessy Version. It's cool and I Like it so far. :-)
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