Demoing a new feature in the Dev environment.

Me: The images are just placeholders. The communications team are still coming up with appropriate images.

Management: Can we change that image? It doesn't really fit the theme of what we are trying to achieve.

Me: As mentioned earlier, all images are just placeholders. Continues demo.

Management: That image also doesn't really fit with the theme. Can we change that one too?

Me: 🙄

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    No, we sadly can't change any of the images. They are tightly intertwined with the business logic and absolutely required to be where they are for the whole system to work.
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    Use penises as lplaceholders, vary with some vulvas - from the biology book of course.

    Unless it's really something terrible absurd, clients can be deaf ( hearing recovers suddenly in price negotiations)… Braindead and mute at the same time.

    All while telling you all kinds of things you never wanted to hear.
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    Remember, pretty little pictures are all management has (or understands)
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    put a little "needs to be replaced" or "not final" or something watermark on every placeholder image. So when they raise concerns you just point at the watermark and say that all such marked images will be replaced in the final version. That may or may not work
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    One day they will replace the placeholder with an actual manager
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    “We’ll, yes. We can change them, but we understood these were the final approved images. Needless to say, we’ll have to push the release date out by a week, and of course it will require new MacBook Pros for the dev team. I’m sure that’ll be OK - we can talk about machine specs after the demo…”
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