So I love what Apple is doing with the new Macs, great hardware, streamlined optimization, blistering performance.....great stuff.

But here's the thing. I think I'm gonna get a ThinkPad and just install fedora on it. It's far cheaper and outside of only going up to 16GB of ram it meets all my needs.

But between you and I a big factor in why I'm finding it hard to go Mac is the system settings. Like why is it like that? Why when I click something a separate window opens.....odd.

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    What’s the problem with opening separate windows? Sometimes it changes the content in the same windows instead of opening a new one. You can go back then. It depends on what makes the most sense.
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    @Lensflare just seems odd coming from GNOME where they've worked out a really streamlined menu system. It just feels more efficient to me. Even windows, as bad as it is, has a better feeling system settings to me.
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    For me, the Windows settings is a mess. There are like 10 completely different settings windows from all the previous Windows versions with some overlap in functions and domains. It’s ugly and it’s impossible to find something.
    Never had any problems with Linux and mac.
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    @Lensflare I'm referring to the Modern UI system settings in windows from a design point of view. Not the control panel or the other one. If you involve the other two then windows loses by a landslide.
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    If multiple windows of menu settings is the deciding factor then.. wow.
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    @Cyanide I guess that could be more generalized to interface customization but still
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