Do NOT "compress" your code by leaving out braces in control structures and putting the 300 char statement on the same fucking line as the control structure!
Yes, your code file becomes vertically shorter than the usual 3000 lines, BUT my brain tumor proportionally grows larger.

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    I even write most if if's like :

    if x=y


    //do stuff



    if x=y

    //do one line stuff

    works, but if you have to add an other line, it is more work to add the braces.
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    The idea is to get through code review by attrition of the reviewer.

    Set soft/hard limits of 80/120 columns of monospaced in the style guide and enforce that rule first on review.
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    @Oktokolo If I could do a review with those devs of that company, I'd strangle them first...
    I got 150k lines of even more tumorous code 🙈
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    @rEaL-jAsE Luckily not that I'm aware of, but this CMS of Doom™ surely feels like a huge growth in my head
    @Frederick In-fucking-deed...
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    In that case, even the autoformater should be considered an option.
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    I'm fine with the first one if it is done consistently and in decent manner:
    If (temp > ALLOWED_TEMP)

    Hell no to the second
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    @hjk101 Yeah, that would be bearable 😄
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