Why should I use Cloudflare?

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    Because of DDOS protection, CDN, free ssl, free for the average users
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    I use it mainly for DNS settings, so I don't have to use different interfaces and logins for each TLD. Everything in one place. 👍
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    Their CDN saves our asses every month. Almost 40TB of JPEG/PNG traffic is sent by them instead of our servers, which ends up serving just around 1TB.
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    @vinerz @Sarcaxxo @ScribeOfGoD
    Thanks, the CDN sounds nice. So I dont have to build my own.
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    Yea even at the free tier the benefits on free DNS.. Free SSL certs and the cache layer are worth it... That's before you even looks at extra pieces like injecting your g-analytics in at cloudflare level and much more
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    @Linux how can you build your own CDN? You need servers spreaded all over the world for that
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    I know that.
    I usually do that with varnish
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    @linux just think of the benefits of not having to update apache or nginx servers with new SSL certs Everytime they get renewed... Or that someone put some bad virtualhost configuration in so stuff is served over http... You can enforce https at cloudflare end and remove the worry!
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    @Linux something thee can't script is something thee wilt not do
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    Well, I have build my own tools for that. But I think I should implement Cloudflare for some customers
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