I want to get this fake axe: https://amazon.com/Realistic-woodcu...

I want to hang on my wall at work and label it:
"merge conflict resolution tool".

Is that too violent for a joke?

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    "Meeting conflict resolver"
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    @asgs I was thinking just "conflict resolution tool". But I wanted it to be related to dev for devrant.
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    But this tool solves as good a conflict as any
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    Just buy a real one. add some ketchup, then write "conflict resolver" on the handle, and add an "x days without incident" sign.
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    > "Is that too violent for a joke?"

    I don't know, a DBA kept a ball-peen hammer on the corner of his desk. Said it was for anyone who asks to create a trigger in his database.

    It might have been a joke, but no one ever asked "Hey D, can you create a trigger to send me an email when a record in X table created?"
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    Why a fake axe? Get a real one. You can use it for chopping wood, axe unneeded features, resolve conflicts...

    Put it next the crystal ball used for debugging, so it is always there when you need it.
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    @PaperTrail that was probably when Firebase was invented right there in your office
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    Nah that's not too violent. Even historically accurate. Made me chuckle too so bonus points
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    Nooooo, I think devs could handle that ^^
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