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    That awkward.. Cuz my php7fpm are killed by itself when mysql query are so crazy requested by 3000000 user concurrently
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    Will someone think of the children?
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    It was Stallman!
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    voting for the sysadmin
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    The OOM killer from kernel?!
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    Soooo apache forks within ms of starting. The same way, um, the entire LAMP stack, MAMP, lol I laugh every time with that one, does it same as Windows, WAMP?

    Ok so not so much forking on windows .. I'll hold back on the spoon jokes 🤐. It keeps many processes running under that super user/God level that is only known by the UID... You can be the "administrator", little one, but no root for you! (+++1 to the person who gets that reference!) 😊
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