Ah, this makes me feel nostalgic.

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    This makes me wanna throw up ._.
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    Ew, global variables. If you're smart enough for c, you're smart enough to follow basic programming conventions.
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    Started learning programming with this environment :-)
    Lots of good memories
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    Come to India, We still use this Baby
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    @AlgoRythm What do you mean? There is nothing wrong with using global variables. Its just that people overused them incorrectly causing problems so they got vilified. Many frameworks still use globals and in some languages you cant do some things without globals. And you even have some patterns which take use of "global" space. :)
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    OMG is that the borland compiler?
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    The reminds me of when I started with Turbo Pascal.
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    We still use it in India, even as college undergrads for some strange reason. At least until we are taught Linux, but still people prefer using this, but there are some people who have no idea how to compile code using this, even after using turboc++ for a year.
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    Nostalgic? I have to run Turbo C is DOS Box on Windows 7 and code up Bresenham's Algorithm for.my computer graphics exam next week. Pffft Nostalgic
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    Brings back the old memories 😢
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    We are currently learning this in a graphic card programming course... there are so many compatibility problems and so little documentation 😔
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    Mean while in India -

    Moving onto my last year of computer science and engineering we still use this ..... A LOT!!
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