Curse you Human Resource Machine and your structure programming with GOTOs and no indenting

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    Actually, coding in "Human Resource Machine" resembles assembly coding, so, it might be too much to expect some higher level language constructs. ;)

    Did you play "SHENZHEN I/O" and/or "TIS-100" ? Similar approach but without nice graphics.
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    @firusvg I hadn't seen these before but they also look entertaining
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    @RandarXJ7 "TIS-100" is my personal favorite. ;)

    I've used "Human Resource Machine" to start teaching my daughter how to code. When you grasp basic concepts it's easy to start using control loops and other structured programming concepts to ease coding for yourself. But, please note, when I've started with programming (some 30+ years ago on 8bit home computer) assembler and BASIC were common choice and higher level languages were something reserved for industry, so I'm, somehow, biased.
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    I think that game doesn't get enough credit
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    I read count as cunt and throught, "here's someone with a message to send, and it sure isn't going to be licks of a popsickle stick". Then I realised I'm going blind and I'm a sick bustard.
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    Never played these. But looks very interesting. M gonna check out.
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    Zachtronics is brilliant
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    I miss World of Goo so much
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