Please just let me cancel my 1-year subscription for the end of that one year NOW without only giving me an option to cancel everything right now and still pay 54 € fee, that's not only silly, it's what makes customers shout FUCK YOU Adobe! Long gone the good old times, who needs your outdated stuff in 2022 anyway?

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    I usually cancel those things immediately.

    A company that is preying on their customers ability to remember months or years later is not a company or product I want to support with a penny.

    If we all stop supporting behavior like this we all win.
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    (I'm not suggesting anything. Do your own conclusions.)
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    You mean they want to take away what you paid for (remainder of the paid year) and not refund you? Sounds illegal*.

    *depending on the jurisdiction
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    ProtonVPN does this too: every payment is an automatic subscription (recurring payment). When cancelling the subscription, you cannot use the service which you already paid for.

    I paid five bucks for this life lesson. And yes, I'm still mad about it!
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