God was able to create an entire world in just 6 days for the sole reason that he had no previous versions and no compatibility issues.🌍

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    Didn’t He have to build it on top of an existing turtle, or something?

    Bootstrapped using Logo, then. Ton of legacy there.
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    @platypus you are refering to 0.0.1.
    Also, about 5 days in, he had to drop the prodction db, and wait until the flood of async events to flush out of the processing queues.
    Sure - he lost a bit of data there, but he had a sort of backup to repopulate the tables.
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    Explains the dinosaur extinction at least.

    “Fuck. Lost the DB and the backup is corrupted. Better reseed a minimal DB.”

    INSERT “mammal”, “small”, 0
    INSERT “mammal”, “small”, 1

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    World is a hacky proof of concept somebody drafted for a white paper and accidentally pushed to prod.
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    He created everything in 6 days. But this are days from Gods point of view. There are multiple hints in the Bible that the 7 days in Genesis are not 24h days.

    One is Hebrew 4, we are still in the 7. day. The other is John 5.17 which would not make sense otherwise. The only Pslam which i know Mose wrote he says that for him a 1000 years are like a day.
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    A green field project, but there was no green or field lol
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