I did another interview yesterday. I knew within the first few minutes I wasn't going to get hired based on the questions they asked (all technical questions that I did not know the answer for).

I had to sit through the rest of the interview, trying my best to answer, knowing already I wouldn't be hired.

I hate the feeling of putting in all that effort, knowing I was already out of the running.

And before anyone says "you never know", how many of you have gone to an interview, not been able to answer any questions for the first 10 minutes, and ended up getting hired?

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    Some companies have a protocol to do the full interview for the candidates benefit to understand what they need to improve. My company says cut it short and don't waste anyone's time.

    I hate interviewing someone when we both know they aren't getting an offer. It's shit for everyone.
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    @aaronswartz maybe, but there's "testing your honesty" then there's "I can't answer half the questions".
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    @aaronswartz different depending on the question

    Some were very specific questions about uncommon things I've never used before. I feel fine not knowing those.

    Some were CS questions for things I should have known but havent touched in years. (For example, a data structure I have never needed in my entire career but vaguely remembered from school.) For these I wish I had studied better, but also there's so many that I find it hard to remember all of them.

    I definitely could have done a little better in the interview, which is part of why I'm disappointed here. But even with better preparation I don't know I would have passed honestly.
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