Thanks windows for wiping my bootloader after I having to reinstall you. Idk what I'd do without you.

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    Thanks for using 100℅ doing idk service in the background.
    Thanks for using 36% of ram right after login.
    Thanks for making one drive literally unusable because of aggressive file scanning.
    Thanks for hogging my network bandwidth downloading updates I didn't want.
    Thanks for activating storage optimization without my consent.
    Thanks for signing me up for installing skype without asking for consent.
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    idkservice.exe is a good name you could suggest MS
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    @asgs They might as well have a service like that. I guess that's what the notification saying "We are adding some new features to windows (without asking)" is installing
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    Always put grub on different drive, because you know (like they say it): "Windows <3 Linux"
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    Don't you have a spare Linux life USB for that, if you're using a double boot with windows?
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