I am going to go freelance (starting a company and will be my own first employee) at the end of the month.

Was wondering what software some of you, who are also freelancers, are using to manage everything.

Quotes, invoices, jobcards, etc.

The bank through which I will be registering the company appears to offer some sort of online service for that purpose, but I have not seen it yet.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

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    Off the top of my head - Hubspot if you want a boxed solution, SugarCRM if you wanna customize it and build it yourself.
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    I'm using freshbooks for time tracking (my clients pay by the hour) and invoicing. It's about $10 a month and has a lot of functionality I haven't even looked into.
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    @p-rex and @lukaroski

    Thank you. I'll look into those.

    My clients will also be paying per hour for updates as well as "lump sum" payments when I quote for a new site.
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    Im doing freelancing too and used Focalscope for almost everything from email, faq, scheduling to even voip. Its sooooo good that now im trying to become their reseller.
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    @AsdfZxcSG great to hear, I'll check that ou as well, thanks.
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