This isn't really a rant yet but... I am... 1000% sure it will be soon!

Has anyone played around with hackintosh on an Alienware 17 r3 (6700hq, 970m, fhd) or 15 r2?

Any info you can provide is welcome.

I bought this beauty a few months back and I don't want to pay for a Mac at this point(never mind their horsepower that's a different rant!) so I have a new cheap nvme SSD coming in tomorrow to throw a hackintosh on it

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    Generally for a hackintosh since the hardware support is very spotty, you would build a computer to suit rather than use one you already have because the chances of one you already have being compatible are quite low.

    Google around and look for the hardware compatibility list. That's your bible until you get it working.

    Personally I prefer to just buy a used Mac if you're trying to save money. They work great and when you're through with it they make monster Linux machines as well.

    I've got a 2008 MacBook Pro 17 inch with your name on it for 350 USD if you want it.
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    Do tell if it works out for you mate.
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    @runfrodorun I am using a working Alienware 13 r3 guide (similar hw) and see if it works out.
    Generally not fond of used computers but thanks anyway :)
    Definitely need much more power than a c2d anyway
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