I try to explain my problems to my 6yo twins. It is just HILARIOUS to see their small faces going "huh. Did you tried using that spark thing to send your emails for you?".
Srsly, they give better advice than half the devs I work with. Rubber ducking be damned.

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    Funny enough it is one of evil overlord rules
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    People, especially the older they get, tend to underestimate children and they forgot how it was to be a kid themselves. It always frustrated me when adults treated kids (and me back then) as lesser humans...

    That's just the thing though. Children are literally just normal people, just adults with less experience. But I observed this many times, but anywhere between the age 4 to 7 pretty much all of them develop the creativity and logical thinking of an average adult. Except their lack of experience can actually be an asset. They way then connect things and ask questions is pretty much perfect for exploring problems and finding solutions. Combine that with someone with experience to answer those questions and pose other hypothesis and you have the perfect think tank.

    I will never underestimate the intelligence of a child, no one should really.
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    @darkwind I've never seen that! Funny. Gotta implement rule 12.
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    Sorry, what did they mean with the spark thing?

    I love kids tho 🥳
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    @jaylord Apache Spark. More than once it has been the tool I used on some tough problems, but data engineering ones. Unfortunately the problem of "I've wasted a whole fucking day replying to emails" can't be solved by this tool... yet.
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    12. One of my advisors will be an average five-year-old child. Any flaws in my plan that he is able to spot will be corrected before implementation
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