Probably everyone at least once had situation when they receive a meaningless screenshot with 500 page, a message "Application doesn't work fix it" and 0 info whatsoever.
Here is my tip that saved me a lot of trouble.
I display error id in the center of the screen, large enough so no matter how small and blurry the image is (yes users, send us photos of theirs displays) , It is always easy to ready it so we can start investigation without talking to those monkeys.

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    I should so that. Let's See if i am allowed to.
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    Do you also get the occasional screenshot pasted into an Excel file attached to an email?
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    Yes I love how they're trying to help by only showing part of the screen in a screenshot or photo... Ideally just the error dialog. And crop away important stuff (the url in the address bar, the page that's open, the local time, the browser and OS they're using)
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