*Swiches on the PC and opens VS*
Probably I should get some coffee.
*1 hour later, with 0 LOC written*
I should probably code now. Umm, I need music, else I might not focus on the code.
*another hour passes by headbanging to led zeppelin and still on 0 LOC progress*
You know what, this wont work. I should eat and will code with a fresh mind..
*has lunch*
I'll code now.. Maybe I should check up on devrant...
*time goes by with 0 LOC at the end of the day.*
I'll do it tomorrow.
*Next Day, repeats what I did on the earlier day*

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    Dude, SAME! So easy just to not code and realise, "Shit, I didn't do anything today :/"
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    Good one
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    I woke up an hour ago and I had no idea I've been laying on my bed for an hour thanks to DevRant lol
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    The zone does not come easy!! ... Can't rush these things haha. Rock on! 🤘🏼
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