Pseudo-flexible working hours suck. I get the "choice" to start work between 7:30-9:30 AM. I'm a night owl so waking up at 6AM is not an option. Why can't they just allow to start at 10AM and finish at 6:30PM? Between 7:30 & 9:30 is peak rush hour and I'm bound to lose 1h30 in traffic for 30km (normally it would take half an hour) and start my workday pissed off.

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    Society is built wrong and Night Owls are at a great disadvantage due to that.
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    I'm guessing one of the higher ups likes to start at 7:30.
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    Work remotely? 🤔
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    Sounds very like my last work place. This was just a fake for the job description, to catch few applications. "Flexible work hours" next to "family".
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    @preezer Can't remember seeing you at our company xD

    We have applications running with exactly that...

    Flexible hours ? start at max 8am. (before is allowed but not paid)

    you are also allowed to work longer (but again not paid)... So flexible :'(
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    you'd think our field would be really accepting of night owls. managers just love to exert control too much to give us that kind of freedom
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