Damn I hate when people ask me to stop coding just because Excel doesn't work or the Antivirus license expired, even worse my boss gets mad at me when I tell him that I'm a coder that we have tech support people, who apparently do nothing, to all the PMs and Lead Devs

Please stop telling me about the freaking deadline if you also ask me to install your stuff.

Sorry for the negativity, had to get it out

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    Apologize for anger, you shouldn't, good in this place, rage is
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    @RhysOC Hour wisdom is unprecedented master
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    Time for a new job that doesn't stack irrelevant work on your plate.
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    @jpichardo wisdom on your side, it is
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    just say, "I have a deadline, and i cannot help right now". If they insist, escalate to your boss. Worked for me every time.
    Ah, and also, try not to be too helpful, always leave thier computer with a new little annouying problem...
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    @magicMirror I tried the first and my boss got mad at me for being to arrogant, but the second one sounds about right.
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    Don't be upset over anger, this is DevRant, not DevSissy.
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    Use office pranks.
    use remote desktop to mess with their mouse every 5 minutes.
    Add a script that shuts of the pc every 42 minutes.
    Inver the mouse buttons.
    Script that opens porn at random.
    Sxriot that replies to bosses emails with "I will do it, deliverable tomorrow" or "eat shit fucker"

    Whatever is most appropriate :)
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    Also, your boss is an asshole and does not how to lead.
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    @mundo03 well, mi amigo, I believe he hasn't any fault on it, sometimes the support people aren't just there, sometimes even he isn't there so the people come to me directly, however those pranks ideas are gold.
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    @jpichardo na man, the boss should know and enforce your role. If the company needs more IT it should get more IT instead of patching it with people that is not IT but can be. You get me?

    What is happening is a terrible practice and a boss expecting you to do stuff like this and getting angry if you don't is a terrible boss and l, honestly, should not be a boss.

    Your boss has to know you do it because you are nice and it is extra work that interferes with your daily work. You should at least get the right to fail deadlines and a bonus.
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    Also, pranks are indeed gold.
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