honest question: if I know ReactJS, Golang, Python, Typescript, and a bit of Postgres and living in Costa Rica, what sort of freelance services could I promote on the net?

I used to freelance on sites like PeoplePerHour, doing projects of 1 month in 3 weeks or less, but I would like to do that again in my own website under my own terms, sort of speak.

any recommendations?

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    Do you have a website for people to reach? (Your current website is just a default page of an installation of nginx)
    Also, set up a linkedin account and you'll be spammed for offers from head hunters
    Make sure to have a complete profile with links to github repos and sample projects/sites
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    @bioDan I do have a LinkedIn, and I do get spammed by headhunters... but for positions inside a company or for a client in the USA 🤧
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