I would like to summon ask the web related developers to stop supporting IE at once and go back to previous sites and remove all the hacks to make your old sites work with IE so we force all the users to join us here in 2017

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    God forbid the use what they want on their own machine. A devs job is to take orders from clients and managers and make it work, so, make it work :p
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    @ScribeOfGoD I do believe the main reasons behind using IE are not based in consumer preference but in external factors.

    For example business policies. In this case since "the internet works" they use default setup and workers are unable to choose. If for any reasons the internet should stop working the productivity lowers and policies may need to change.

    In public computers the logic may be the same.

    In the case of inexperienced users who don't know better a nice explanation accompanied with links in how to solve the issue (as we did with flash) may be a solution.
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    I would like it too but not my choice. The company dropped support for anything under 11 so its good.

    Problem is a lot of companies wasted millions upon millions to make internet explorer "secure"(i dont know firefox was on for a looong time i guess scared about open source)
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