So you have saved up some money, got a macbook, paid for an apple developer account to build an app which uses the camera only to find out that the simulator doesnt work with the macbook's camera. Apple do you realise that without devs you wouldn't have a decent app store?

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    Sometimes simulating hardware doesn't really make sense IMO.
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    I don't know of any platform that does it
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    @xroad android does it just fine
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    @xroad Its a scanner so I just needed to validate results but I will have to buy a used iPhone now if I want to get this done
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    It takes more than devs to make a successful App Store. Customers are #1. Apple has customers that are willing to part with their money.
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    @PermeableTub I am not even going as far as a successful app. all I am saying is that it's cheeky to force devs, which had to buy a mac anyway in order to build for ios, to also buy an iPhone
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    @leandk huh - I didn't know that
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    @leandk I may be a bit bias, but this sounds like every other interaction with Apple to me... Oh and don't forget to include the yearly cost of the developer account as well!
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