Just debugged an angularjs app for 2 hours to find out that I spelled "response" "reponse" as an http get request success callback function argument. I hate my life.

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    Has happened to me before. Multiple times! Feels like killing oneself after realizing.
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    @kaqqao i feel like killing angularjs because it's super bad at error reporting

    when you make this mistake with ajax in JS or with $.get in jQuery you recognize it instantly

    when using angularjs your code just doesn't work and you have no idea what's going on without console logging the exact promise created with http.get

    great that i use loops in this app and reset the promise object after every iteration... :D
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    Thank you, IDE's!
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    I've typed adress instead of address. This makes me wonder, why do IDEs not have some kind of spelling correction.
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    reponded well
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