WHY ISN'T MY CSS WORKING... oh I made a typo in my class..

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    I had a situation where I forgot to use the link tag to apply styles from a style.css file. Nearly lost all my nerves trying to find out where I went wrong. When I fixed that I felt like an idiot :S
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    Oh, I forgot to CTRL + F5
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    Yeah, this is a pain. For a toyproject I am trying out Udash framework for Scala and it's a blast - properly (not like TypeScript) typed code and also TYPED styles. There are no misspelled CSS class issues, the app simply won't compile ☺️.
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    @vrpg1998 I think is s requirement for being a programmer to have some type of dyslexia, sometimes I have to read a word 10 times
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    If only the computer could help with such simple mistakes...
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    ...he said, after 10 hours of heavy debugging
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