Going to try Vagrant now. Spent half of the day deciding which one to start with; Docker or Vagrant. 😯
As Vagrant seems less fancier than Docker, gonna start with that. 😄

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    Docker is the future!
    And not too complicated, you can do amazing things with docker-compose even with complex stacks

    Edit: shieeet, polish autocorrect
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    @Brachacz will move to Docker after trying out vagrant. I'm trying to grasp the concepts of this kind of work flow. And hopefully it'll be easier to get docker conceptually when i try it out 😊
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    @Brachacz Welcome!

    Quick question about Docker: do you happen to have a nice guide/docs to start using it?

    (Haven't got the time to check it out yet)
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    Thanks :)

    The official docs are really good, you don't need to rely on 3rd party blogs or courses to start using it efficiently.
    Depending on what you need it for, basic knowledge of bash/linux networking is required for doing more than just hello world and understanding it and not treating it like a black box
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    @Brachacz Okay, thanks! I'll take a look this week-end.
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