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I resigned from my second job.

First job tenure: 7.5 years
Second job tenure: 10 months

This job taught me a lot and paid me decent, but not enough to cope up with the bullshit and sacrifice, WLB, and happiness.

I landed a job at one of my dream companies I always wanted to be and possibly the best company in my city. Also the role is B2C in nature and one of only profitable start-ups from India. The domain is second favourite of mine (Music > Art/Events > Travel).

Second job was in travel domain, world's largest OTA but the timezone fucked my happiness and that is what my first job offered me.

I could easily score better offers with higher pay and benefits but I was optimising for a work life balance and team in same time zone along with some impacting work.

I do have some interesting interviews coming up and I am not sure how will I end up performing.

When I got this first offer, this job hunting season, I initially rejected some silly policies. I regretted the decision and thankfully after having a transparent conversation with the recruiter, I accepted it. Funnily, the resignation from second job isn't making me feel emotional, guilty, or any negative emotion. Which evidently signals that the job was toxic and I had to step out asap.

The purpose it served in my journey was bring my remuneration to market levels and teach me a lot more skills in just short span.

Excited to see how the future unrolls. I'll keep my fellows here posted.

I really want to spend more time here talking and hanging out with you all. Hopefully I shall be back soon. Until then keep safe my lovelies :)

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    Rock dat shit :thumbsup:
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    @prodigy214 Arey tu Mumbai aa. Mera Delhi wala scene toh ab khatam hua na.

    @IntrusionCM Aye homie :D
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    I just quit my last job after 2 months, the ceo was toxic as fuck. Always have to put yourself first and I hope that your next venture brings you the peace you are looking for. It's hard but as long as you know your worth, always set your boundaries. Good luck!
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    @tragicwhale Yes, ofc there are trade offs and nothing is perfect. Just expecting things to work out better with next employer.
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    @theKarlisK the timezones really affected me a lot. It was all fun and games until the lock down. Once the restrictions started relaxing and offices opening up again, it surely was to become a nightmare for me even more.

    I really want to relocate and currently, out of desperation, picked a job within my city in one of the best start-ups, still unsure how it'd turn out to be.
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