Hello everyone! Can anyone please give any tips on creating a feed with customer feedback from my Google business account? I need a clickable feed that can redirect users to my profile on Google.

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    100$ an hour. 5 hour minimum.
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    There are tons of plugins out there you can try. Start with this one: https://elfsight.com/google-reviews..., and if it doesn't suit you, check wp store (if your site is wp-based) and see some top positions with huge number of reviews.
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    @Vross I've looked through the options list and it looks promising, but as far as I understood, it's not free feature. But thanks anyway!
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    @brycek379 If your site is wp-based, there are tons of plugins on wp store. Simply look at the ones with highest ratings. And keep in mind that many will be payed, offering some free trial or limited options.
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