How the Fuck are aliens going to communicate to us, when the protocols we use for communication are all human made?

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    @runfrodorun good points. What about how they probably have no correlation to our language, it would be impossible it seems to decipher. Like, with humans, we all sorta communicate in similar syntactic structure, so it's easier to figure out what cipher text decodes to.
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    Hey, someone might create a wall around earth before those aliens vome and take our jobs
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    If they are more advanced than us the language and the protocols are not a challenge.
    Or they could be a challenge but imagine if they could travel between stars or galaxies...
    It could be that they don't even care.
    "Just take the resources and leave"
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    @Iiro362 yeah, if they could just transport places he going outside the universe then back in, in the place they wanna be, like there are so many galaxies of materials out there to gather. Some planets are pure diamond, and yet we consider it so valuable.. but that's monopolization.
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    There's a paper about that
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