*buys new laptop*
opens edge
downloads chrome.
opens devrant.io

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    Ew Windows
    Ew edge
    Eeeewww chrome
    Ooh devrant!!!
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    dual booting Ubuntu is my second agenda :D
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    Mine's similar:
    - Get new laptop
    - Remove Windows partition
    - Install Ubuntu
    - Install Chrome from command line.
    - Open Devrant
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    Ninite if I need windows for some crazy reason

    Trusty arch USB otherwise
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    Next step: put devRant stickers on laptop
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    *can breathe again*
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    Opens edge,
    Download github.com/tahnik/devRantron
    Good to go 😎
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    @runfrodorun xD. In my case its:
    Opening pre-installed Firefox on a new Fedora, installing a ton of privacy addons and bookmarking devrant.io :)

    Oh yeah and getting openvpn up and running!
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