Same password for everything 😂 I am glad I am not protecting the missile launching codes

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    The moment you realize, that the US military used "00000000" as their launch code for like ever...

    They didn't have on but just two people needing to turn keys and push buttons simultaniously. Congress heard that and found that isn't save enough! We demand that you also protect it by a (not sure if 6 or 8 digit) code. Enter the US military. Hmm what can we do? It could take to long to find the proper code and stuff... Oh they haven't soecified we have to change it or use different codes for dofferent locations... Hey guys, let's set all launch codes to 00000000, so every one can remember and never change it!
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    Use "incorrect" as yr password.. in case you forget and fill in some nonsense it will always tell you, "Your password is incorrect"
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