I'm curious, how did you all start to like programming?

Mine was when I was in grade 7 or 8, which is around 13 years old. I watched a movie called "Hackers", Angelina Jolie was in this one (I think, it was a long time). I was curious on how to be a hacker, then I googled and found an article which said something about learning to code.

I wasn't sure I would enjoy it at first but after a while, I started enjoying that thrill you get when you solve that pesky little bug that took you days to get rid of. Haven't stopped learning more about programming and computers since.

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    I got into computers and then programming after watching War Games back in the 4th grade. Wish I would have had access to all the info I do today back then.
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    When I was 8ish my father would play around with his Commadore 64. He wasn't a programmer or a "computer guy", but he was interested in some of the programming things. His interest became my interest... And here I am.

    My favorite anticdote of that time... My father had some magazines for the system and in them were pages of, what I know now to be, hex code for some program or another... I focused on games, naturally. I spent three days typing out (maybe) 5+ pages of hex (solid pages, mind you). Amazingly, Asteroids ran after all my efforts! Lol.
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    I got over excited with my comment lol but long story short: I wanted to know how computers work, ended up learning C in the process.

    (Just posted the full version if you have nothing better to do).
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    There was this thing with the turtle that you gave instructions to, it drew lines. I was about 5.
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    I started programming my sophmore year of high school, but only got serious about it near the end of my junior year / beginning of my senior year when I finally got my own computer. I still remember writing programs on paper, so I could take them to school and try and compile them. Aww, the memories. 😟
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    My Dad taught me the basics of Python when I was 9 or 10 years old. We have to do Python as part of my high-school 'qualification' so I have a huge head-start

    Although, thinking back, he actually taught me a tiny bit of HTML when I was 7 or 8, although that didn't exactly stick
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    I was pretty late.

    When it as 16-17 I wanted to do stuff graphics / design related. As I got older I realised how bad I am at designing and failed my coursework and exams.

    On the other hand I was pretty good at maths and science, but I didn't enjoy them enough to pursue a maths or science degree.

    I then ended up doing computer science at uni because it as told it was a bit like maths.

    That's when I discovered programming and loved it ever since.
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    I read an article about VB Script as I was about 14. MsgBox was really impressive to me that time.
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    A friend of mine had an interest for coding and I at first just wanted to keep up. Later I figured out I was becoming decent at it and it became more and more fun learning from there.
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    I think I was like 12 y/o when I heard about processing and it quite interested me. I began following the tutorials (which were from a design university I remember), but it soon began to be very difficult as at that time I hadn't yet seen the concept of "variable" in class. I managed to make some colored lines that go all over the place though, and I still have one of these images as my Hotmail account avatar
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