I don't like when client decide which tech use in the project. I got some weird tech request like:
1. Move existing database from postgresql to Hadoop because hadoop is Big Data (is kinda move from amazon rds to amazon s3 just why? have you index, cluster your postgresql table?)
2. Move from mysql to postgresql because mysql cause deadlock (maybe their previous developer just fucking moron)
In this situation we just explain why we don't use that and propose alternative solution. If they insist with their solution either ignore it or decide not continuing the project.

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    Break it down for them.

    Migrating to another data stack will cost time and money.

    Give them the line by line.

    Make sure you double your prices to make it sting extra hard.

    Also have an estimate handy for what you think they should have done.
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    Do you like when they pay?
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    Shutdown brain.
    Do work.
    Get paid.

    That is about 90% of the workforce.
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    Counterpoint: sometimes the company needs whatever you work on to integrate with something else at the company.

    In the end though, they're paying for it so i can't complain
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    Use the medic comparison:

    "Would you tell your doctor how to fix your heart? Have a nice day"
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