Why @dfox 😭

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    Iran? ... Maybe that is the reason.
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    Did you try a VPN? You can also download here http://apkmirror.com//...
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    @CozyPlanes Yea .but this is unfair
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    @Alireza6677 devs can select countries to publish. But i believe google can restrict some countries and i cant remember if iran was in the list...
    Will check the dev console when i have time...
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    This isn't @dfox's fault. The app has in app purchases, and for US legal reasons, they are unable to sell apps to those countries.
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    @bottswana ah yeah now i remember that in app restrictions...
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    What @bottswana said is the reason.

    Unfortunately there's pretty much nothing we can do about it as that's Iran's policy.

    We might be able to distribute the APK as a standalone but we wouldn't want people outside of Iran downloading it so we'd have to figure out how to do that.
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    @dfox This may not be the perfect solution, but have you considered making the payment stage of collabs via the web, outside of the app?

    Its not perfect, but it would mean the app was not in-app-purchase enabled, and would be free to download in all countries again.

    Alternatively, you could publish a second app, and restrict that to Iran only, without in app payments, but this adds a deployment overhead for you.

    Unfortunately, no way of publishing an apk for users to side load could be restricted to just Iran effectively. Plus, this might be somewhat considered evasion by google.

    None of these ideas are perfect, just what came to my mind while writing this.
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